One 3” titanium diaphragm HF compression driver.
Threaded eye-bolt flypoints throughout.
One 12” Mid/Low frequency woofer.
Pole mountable.
Ergonomic Handles
Logo stamped mesh steel grill.

MSRP: $1,947

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    Features & Benefits
  • Single 12-inch high performance woofer for mid/low frequency
  • Single 3" compression driver with titanium diaphragm and 2" exit
  • High efficiency design needing less power for high SPL levels
  • Switchable between bi-amp and passive with built in crossover
  • Available in powered or non powered version
  • Powered version will power up to 3 additional passive cabinets
  • Multiple fly points and wall mount brackets available for easy installation
  • Pole mountable
  • Cut angles for use as monitor wedge
  • Touring applications
  • Portable entertainment
  • Theaters
  • Houses of worship
  • Ballrooms
  • Discos & clubs

Each T-112 is constructed of premium ply-wood and is custom fitted with multiple rigging points for easy installation. The T-112 cabinet has cut angles and a pole mount, doubling as a monitor wedge and main speaker. All T-Series enclosures are hand wired using premium wire and Neutrik brand NL4 connectors. T-Series low-frequency drivers are built with cast frame baskets and all compression drivers have changeable titanium diaphragms for superb sound quality, durability and performance. The T-112 cabinets have a passive crossover and are bi-amp switchable. The T-112 is equipped with a removable back panel that can be disconnected and replaced by an internal TVi "Class D" power amplifier module. Each power amplifier has a built-in multi-channel processor that has been chamber tuned to a flat measured response curve with pre set limiters and DSP. One amplified T-112 cabinet will also power up to 3 additional 8 ohm cabinets on the same signal by NL4 output from the powered cabinet to the non-powered cabinets. Please see diagrams on amplification page.