Q: How can a person demo a TVi Audio product?

A: TVi Audio has customers located in U.S, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Over the past few years the TVi brand has grown substantially in popularity and we have an increasing amount of loyal customers willing to take part in helping us reach new users. If possible we will get you in contact with a current customer willing to demo a system for you. However, please understand that we appreciate our customers greatly and we  are on their schedule and try to respect their privacy when asking for help in demoing a product. Contact us and let us know what you are interested in and we will try our best to accommodate you!

Q: How durable are TVi drivers and with what kind of track record?

A: We have 10’s of thousands of drivers on the market worldwide for many years and have had under a 1% failure rate. In the rare case a customer would burn a diaphragm or driver, in most cases we can ship out a replacement same or next day. Our drivers have been used by many national tours and artist worldwide, and always exceed our client’s expectations.

Q: How do I know what system would be best for my application?

A: TVi Audio is operated in an honest and forthright manner.  Our staff will do their very best in helping you design an audio system that meets the demand of your application. We know your budget is important and will always do our best to offer you the best options possible within your given budget, while achieving the results you expect.

Q: Does TVi offer processor tunings?  What processor is recommended?

A: Yes, we send every new product into an anechoic chamber and precision tune it to the flattest response curve that we can achieve using our amplifier’s on-board processor with DSP correction. Our process included the use of sophisticated equipment, cutting edge software and level top industry professionals to achieve an accurate and impressive result. We can also provide tuning sheets for our product line that can be input into an external processor.

Q: How long does it take TVi Audio to manufacture an order once it is placed?

A: Production time greatly depends on the products being ordered and the available inventory at the time the order was placed. Production times can range from 2 days to 5 weeks. Let your customer service rep know your exact order and an estimated date of when you will be ordering with as much advance notice as possible. Once this information is gathered, the rep can offer you an estimated ship date from our distribution center.

Q: How reliable are the amplifiers and do you offer a replacement warranty?

A: The Class D, Ice powered amplifiers are built extremely well and hold up better than most pro amplifiers on the market today. However in most cases we will just ship a new replacement amplifier to our customer on the same or next business day and then the customer would return the damaged amplifier for repair. Simple as that!