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    Team Tvi Audio
    • Know your audience – pay attention to user demographics so you can reach as many people as possible and tailor your communications to suit the interests of your community.
    • Listen to your audience – answer any/all questions and address suggestions/feedback. And definitely follow up publicly when you have implemented any ideas coming from the community.
    • Be consistent – set up an internal schedule for communications so users have a good feel for how often they can expect updates. Users want to know that you care and are paying attention.
    • Empower community members – once you get enough users, invite some moderators. These folks should be the most active participants who are already consistently offering good quality support and information to fellow community members.
    • Share with your community – be as transparent as you can when announcing new features or other company news. It’s also cool to share articles, blog posts, and other generally newsworthy items with your users. If they can get interesting, industry-related updates from your forum, they are likely to come back more often.
    • Cross-promote – if you are utlizing a company blog, twitter, facebook, linkedin (etc.) you should align these communications to link back to one another (ie. update your twitter and fb status each time you publish a new blog post).
    • Measure community performance – once you’ve established the goals you want to achieve via this forum, set up some benchmarks for metrics that speak to this. Whether it’s viewing traffic, # of posts, # of answered posts in a given time frame, # of new users, user rentention, it’s important to track your metrics often enough to give you a sense of community health.
    • Be authentic – “keeping it real” is important. You can be casual and professional simultaneously.
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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