Two 18” Low frequency subwoofer.
Ergonomic handles
Picture shown w/out Logo stamped mesh steel grill for spec purposes.

MSRP: $2,629

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    Features & Benefits
  • Front loaded subwoofer
  • Operates down to 30Hz
  • Easily ground stackable
  • Powered version available
  • Touring applications
  • Portable entertainment
  • Theaters
  • Houses of worship
  • Ballrooms
  • Discos & clubs

The DP-218s is a front load subwoofer loaded with double 18″ woofers. Each enclosure is constructed of high grade birch ply-wood. The DP-218s subwoofer has been designed for ground stacking applications. This subwoofer can be custom ordered with fly hardware to fly with the BT-1200 and C-208 line array systems for additional cost.

All DP-218s enclosures are hand wired using premium 14 gauge wire and Neutrik brand NL4 connectors. All drivers are built with cast fame baskets for strength and longevity. The enclosure is a front loaded design that is great for many applications. Our components are designed and built to a commercial standard and have a proven track record on tours ranging from stadiums to festivals of up to 30 shows per month with practically a nonexistent failure rate.

All DP-218s enclosures are equipped with a removable back panel that can be disconnected and replaced by an internal TVi two channel “Class D” power amplifier module. Each power amplifier has a built in multi-channel processor that has been chamber tuned for the DP-218s to achieve a flat response curve with pre set limiters, DSP and crossover points. One amplified DP-218s subwoofer enclosure will also power one additional non-powered DP-218s subwoofer enclosure by daisy chaining an NL4 cable.