TVi's premium road tough coating.
Pole mountable.
Logo stamped mesh steel grill.
Ergonomic Handles
Threaded eye-bolt flypoints throughout.
One 12” Mid/Low frequency woofer.
One 3” titanium diaphragm HF compression driver.
specifications dp-112m
Configuration (NL4) 1×12″ LF woofer, 1×3″ HF compression driver
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 55 hz – 19 khz
Program Power (watts) LF 800w, HF 200w
RMS Power (watts) LF 400w, HF 100w
SPL & Sensitivity (1w/1m) 133dB / 102dB
Coverage Angle 30 x 60 degrees
Nominal Impedance LF-8ohm, HF-8ohm
Dimensions (HxWxD) 25.57″ x (17.32, 13.38, 5.90)” x 30.51″
Weight & Material 50.70 lbs 3/4″ birch plywood


DP-112m Amplification

DP-112m-(500 series) 2 channel amplifier module
(Designed to power two DP-112m enclosures in bi-amp)

A single two channel “ICE” powered class D amplifier module can power two DP-112m loudspeaker/monitor enclosures in bi-amp mode. Amplifier channel one powers the mid frequency of two enclosures and channel two powers the high frequency of two enclosures. When two enclosures are powered using a single amplifier module, it is a 4ohm load for the high frequency and 4ohm load for the mid frequency. The amplifier module has been designed to fit securely into the enclosure and efficiently power itself plus one additional non-powered DP-112m by linking an NL4 connector cable. Each DP-112m amplifier module is powered by multiple “ICE” power modules and offers an integrated active crossover system along with DSP correction that has been fine tuned in an anechoic chamber to provide the user with chambered flat response.

  • Powered using multiple “ICE” power modules
  • Ultra light weight digital switching technology (Under 15 lbs)
  • Built in DSP correction software
  • Built in digital crossovers to optimize power and clarity
  • Chamber tuned for suggested phasing a flat response correction
  • Durable and heat resistant design to eliminate pre-mature thermal protection
  • Non-powered enclosures are connected to powered enclosure with NL4 patch cables
  • Linkable “Neutrik Power-con” connection capable of 110v or 220v
Installation Process

When installing the amplifier pack, remove the passive panel on the back of the enclosure by un-screwing the t-nut bolts. Once the passive panel has been removed, connect the amplifier by following the simple color coded diagram provided. Once the amplifier has been properly connected, slide the amplifier module into the enclosure and secure with the t-nut bolts.

Link the second non-powered DP-112m to the first with standard NL4 patch cable. Amplifiers are powered by a linkable “Neutrik Power-con” connection and capable of 110v or 220v. Amplifiers ordered for a specific voltage must me slightly modified when changing voltage. Please contact a TVi reprehensive for more information about this. Please see the data sheets for more detailed information on this amplification.