TVi's premium road tough coating.
Steel Hardware for safe 10:1 load factor.
Quick Release Pin connections for quick and easy angle adjustments.
Splay angles adjustable from 0-10 degrees.
Each element contains:
One 3” titanium diaphragm HF compression driver.
Each element contains:
Two 12” Low-Mid Frequency Woofers.

MSRP: $2,999

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    Features & Benefits
  • Tri-amp line array enclosure
  • Operates down to 45Hz
  • Integrated wave guide
  • Array up to 12 elements
  • 7:1 static load factor
  • Easily ground stackable
  • Powered version available
  • Touring applications
  • Portable entertainment
  • Theaters
  • Houses of worship
  • Ballrooms
  • Discos & clubs

The C-212x is loaded with double 12″ LF/MF and a single high energy HF driver. Each enclosure is constructed of high grade birch ply-wood and is custom fitted with steel fly hardware that has been test rated for a 7:1 static load, hanging 12 enclosures in a single array. Our user friendly hardware allows for hanging and ground stacking applications, permitting the user to stack up to six enclosures.

All C-212x enclosures are hand wired using premium 14 gauge wire and Neutrik brand NL8 connectors. All drivers are built with cast fame baskets for strength and longevity. Our compression drivers have replaceable titanium diaphragms for superb sound quality, performance and durability. We use a standard phase plug design to control the isophasic wave form as well as a wave guide system for smooth coverage and coupling. Our components are designed and built to a commercial standard and have a proven track record on tours ranging from stadiums to festivals of up to 30 shows per month with practically a nonexistent failure rate.

All C-212x enclosures are equipped with a removable back panel that can be disconnected and replaced by an internal TVi multi channel “Class D” power amplifier module. Each power amplifier has a built in multi-channel processor that has been chamber tuned for the C-212x to achieve a flat response curve with pre set limiters, DSP and crossover points. One amplified C-212x enclosure will also power one additional non-powered C-212x enclosure in tri amp mode by daisy chaining an NL8 cable.