In our efforts to better serve our customers we have added a few product updates to our 2009 models. These new features will give us an added edge on the market, and allow our customers to have even greater functionality and longevity using our products.

  • Recessed Grill: This will add additional strength and support, and will increase protection to both the driver units and the grill itself.
  • Stamped Logo on Grill: This will eliminate any risk of sonic interference, as well as provide a sleeker look.
  • Updated Hardware: The W-Series has received a complete overhaul on the hardware system, giving it extra strength and advanced capabilities for rigging. We have also changed the appearance of the C-Series and W-Series fly hardware in order to give the boxes a better look.
  • Handles: Upgraded handles have been added to the new C-Series for a more comfortable grip.
  • Removable Passive Panels: The C-Series and W-Series cabinets now feature a removable wooden panel with a multi-pin wire connector that can be quickly disconnected and plugged into an amplifier module. This allows a customer to quickly swap an amplifier unit or to be able to convert passive boxes to active boxes at a later date.
  • Neutrik Connectors: TVi now uses Neutrik brand connectors on all of our cabinets.
  • Wave Guide: TVi has updated and upgraded our horn flairs, and now comes with fully integrated waveguide.
  • Amplifier Modules: Our new amplifier modules now use ICE power, switchmode power supplies, and have built-in dsp.
  • Flybars: A new “A” flybar is being released that allows a user to achieve a 10/1 load factor. The standard “B” flybar will still be available, however can only sustain a 7/1 load factor.

New Products


After sweeping the market to determine what new innovations were needed, TVi has determined that a compact, high-power, 3 way line array element is the answer. Based on the great success of both our 3-way C-212ii and our compact C-210 line array model, TVi has developed a product that will combine both concepts resulting in a performance that will rival any other product in its class! The FA-410 features 2×10″ neodymium LF drivers (combined 800 watts RMS), 2×10″ neodymium MF drivers (combined 800 watts RMS), and 2×1.7″ neodymium HF (combined 160 watts RMS) compression drivers; thus creating a cabinet with a combined power of 1760w RMS! The FA-410 features a more sophisticated wave guide than its predecessors, in combination with TVi’s unique compression driver and self-integrated phase plug. The mid frequency drivers are front loaded for maximum impact, and the low frequency drivers are chamber loaded from behind and scoop ported to the front for maximum velocity. The official launch date of this product is yet to be announced, but the target date is sometime in late 2009. Pre-launch orders are now being taken at a discounted price.


The FA112 is a new generation high-powered and compact monitor. By popular request, it features the same 12″ driver as our C-212 and C-212II line array cabinets. This 12″ driver which handles down to 50hz is paired with a specially voiced 3″ compression driver, thus creating a monitor every production company has dreamed of. Due to the compact design, driver configuration, and extreme power the FA112 is ideal for any touring application. The cabinet itself is dual angle, allowing a user to sit the cabinet either on the bottom surface (as shown in the picture to the right) or the back surface to achieve the desired angle. The horn flair is a 30×60 degree configuration allowing one to use multiple units side by side and achieve a coupling effect! The FA112 also comes with a pole mounting cup, allowing the user even more versatility! This new cabinet is expected to be an extremely hot product, so preorder now to avoid the demand frenzy! Call now for price and availability.

TVi Digital Amplifier Modules

As new leaders in the industry, Tvi realized that we needed to offer a highly sophisticated amplifier; one that would be lightweight and also pack the punch that touring professionals need. With the release of our new “ICE” powered amplifier modules we have combined the features, functionality and performance that stand second to no one in the industry! The new units will include multiple “ICE” power modules, pre set crossovers and flat chamber tunings and a fully integrated DSP correction processor. The modules will come in 2 sizes 21.5 x 7 x 2.5″, and 18.5 x 7 x 2.5″, and will weigh roughly 7lbs. The amplifiers will employ 3 class-D amplifier channels for operating the cabinets in bi-amp or 3-way, and will have the capability of powering multiple cabinets from one amp module. Within the 3 channels there will be designated DSP sections that allow the user to control the parameters of each section independently. This allows maximum control over a user’s loudspeaker system, and also optimal sound clarity.

With our new product improvements and releases, TVi is going through a second run of extensive testing on each product to help aid our customers in using their systems to their optimal performance. We are tuning each box in an anechoic chamber, and we will then provide flat-response tunings and optimal parametric EQ tunings for each enclosure. Our amplifiers will arrive to our customers with these flat response tunings pre-stored and ready to use. User versions of the software will be provided as well, so the end user can have access to crucial parts of the control software. The software is connected via USB on the back panel of the module.

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